Boys State Rankings


The All New! YBOA National Power Rankings gives teams, players, coaches, friends and families an interactive team experience.View your team's National Ranking with other teams across the United States and Puerto Rico.

1. View your team's National Ranking with other teams across the United States and Puerto Rico.

2. View your team's State Ranking with other teams across your state.

3. Sort Rankings by State, Grade or Gender.

3. View any team's season history including wins, losses, points for/against, etc.

4. View any team's game results and scores from every event during the season.

5. Share and compare information with other teams and friends.

6. Scout your opponents for upcoming game and tournaments.



1. Click on the YBOA National Power Rankings link.

2. Click on the SEARCH tab in the upper left corner of the page.

3. Filter your selection to search by team name, grade, gender or state by using the drop-down options.

4. Click on any team name to view that team's history including wins, losses, game results, points for/against, National Ranking, State Ranking and more! 

Standard Rankings for every YBOA Sanctioned Event:

1st Place = 10 points*

2nd Place = 8 points*

3rd Place = 6 points*

4th Place = 5 points* 

Participation = 1 point

Pool & Bracket Games Won = 1 point (4 points max/cap)

Playing Up = 1 points 


* = amount of rankings points is capped at the order of finish for 1st-4th place (10, 8, 6, 5) with the exception of 'playing up' earning 1 additional point.

Power Rankings are based on average amount of points earned for tournaments played. Power Rankings are also used as a tool to seed tournaments throughout the season. Strength of tournaments and other factors may adjust seeding for pools and is at the discretion of the Florida YBOA State Director.